CSF Installation failed: LWP perl module (libwww-perl) missing

While installaing CSF firewall on a plain Linux server, you may notice the “LWP perl module” missing error message:

# sh install.sh
Configuring for OS
Checking for perl modules failed
You need to install the LWP perl module (libwww-perl) and then
install csf

The problem mostly occurs on a plain Linux server where all perl modules are not installed during the OS installation. On servers with control panels, this issue won’t arise.

The fix is to install the libwww-perl module either with YUM OR from cpan prompt.

# yum install perl-libwww-perl

OR goto the cpan prompt and install

# cpan
cpan> install Bundle::LWP [Installing LWP]

Once done, CSF firewall will be installed successfully.